When it comes to growing up in today’s society, culture plays a large part in the development of one’s characteristics and personality. 

Even across the United States, livelihoods seem quite different from one another, yet there are similarities. 

Rylee Beck, a communications major and junior at Missouri Southern, spent most of her life living in Uganda.

“The culture is quite different, but it is still beautiful,” Beck said, adding the there are some things which make it difficult to adapt to life in the United States.

“One if the most defining elements of the Ugandan culture is their defined gender roles” she said. “The woman are required to clean, farm and look out for the family while the men hunt and build.” 

Beck said she learned valuable lessons while living in Africa.

“When we become in tune with nature, is when we truly open up our eyes,” Beck said. “Without living in Africa, I wouldn’t be who I am today.” 

As Beck rounds up her last years at Southern, she plans to use her degree in communications to assist non-profit organizations with their social media platforms.

She also hopes to return to Africa someday.

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