On Sunday, November 25th, the Kansas City Chiefs travelled to Denver in a classic divisional head to head bout at Mile High stadium. The Chiefs have defeated the Broncos in their last nine games, and as you should expect, the Chiefs won Sunday's division rivalry in stunning fashion, defeating the Broncos 43-16.

Right from the start, star rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire began the scoring strong after an 11-yard rush, breaking 5 tackles and finding himself in the end zone. Though this was the first snow game played by Kansas City this year, the team seemed to be unfazed and played with a strong game plan against the injury-ridden Broncos.

Denver had a chance to tie the game early on after recovering a fumble which led to a 2-yard rushing touchdown by former Missouri University quarterback Drew Lock, but the extra point was missed by AFC special teams player of the month Brian McManus.

I believe this was the tipping point for the Broncos, as the remainder of the game spiraled out of their control.

Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker added three more points on the next possession, and when the Broncos got the ball back, Loch promptly threw his fourth interception of the season to Chiefs linebacker Daniel Sorenson, who then ran for a 50-yard touchdown, adding a pick-six to his stats this week.

Before the half was over, the Kansas City Chiefs had scored a touchdown in all three phases of possession, as kick returner Byron Pringle returned a kick for 102 yards for a touchdown after the Broncos previously scored a field goal.

By this point, the score was 24-9 and the Chiefs were receiving the kick to open the second half. After another receiving touchdown by Tyreek Hill, the game was essentially over. The Chiefs subbed out Patrick Mahomes for backup quarterback Chad Henne, who went on to score his first rushing touchdown in 8 years, cementing the victory for the Kansas City Chiefs.

During the last few weeks, the Chiefs rushing attack had been scrutinized, as rookie running back Edwards-Helaire had supposedly not lived up to what many thought he would be. Edwards-Helaire had a strong first game, but some would say since then he had been underperforming as of late. With the addition of veteran running back and three time pro bowler Le’Veon Bell, many individuals on social media began to speculate if the rookie was still going to get as many carries.

Edwards-Helaire silenced these speculations with two powerful performances in recent weeks and has averaged over 100 yards per game in his last two games, and the addition of Bell will not negatively affect the rookie, but rather give him more support.

I believe the Chiefs now have one of, if not the strongest two-headed rushing attacks in the NFL and will now be a nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators in the future. Ever since the Chiefs have been starting Mahomes, their passing game has been notoriously difficult to stop with an abundance of talent on the outside. The main problem with the Chiefs offense in the past has been a weaker than average rushing game. With Edwards-Helaire performing well as of late and Bell playing like his former self, the Chiefs will be a difficult offense to handle for future opponents.

Next week the the Chiefs are to face off against the Carolina Panthers. I predict the Kansas City Chiefs to blow out the  Panthers next week. The next true challenge for Kansas City will be the Rematch against Las Vegas Raiders, which has been the only team to defeat them this year, albeit without Bell on the roster.

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