When I was in college in the 90s, we wore high-waisted jeans and actually thought they looked good. Every woman’s, blouse, T-shirt, and jacket had shoulder pads and we thought we looked cool. We wore tight stretch-stirrup pants ... and we thought we looked cool. We had loud car stereos and Walk-mans and we wanted everyone else to think we were cool. Our parents told us we weren’t cool, but they weren’t cool so we didn’t believe them.     

Every generation grows up and realizes that the clothes they wore, the TV shows they watched, and a lot of the music they listened to weren’t actually that cool, and they realize that they should have listened to their parents.  

There are a few things I know for sure in my old and wiser years: you should always moisturize, use sunscreen, be polite, and keep the volume of your earphones and ear buds at a reasonable level. Why would you think that your teeny tiny eardrum will not be damaged beyond repair if you have your volume turned up so loud that everyone around you can hear your music?

Here is some free, great advice from one ex-cool person to this generation: You don’t look cool with loud music blaring, and if you keep listening to music on volume 11, you won’t be able to hear anything by the time you are 50; and never, and I mean never, wear acid-washed jeans.

Robin Douglas, Coordinator of Testing Services - Distance Learning

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