Trump finishes second in Iowa Caucus

Businessman and republican presidential candidate Donald Trump finished second in the recent Iowa caucus and is currently leading the New Hamphire primary polls by a wide margin. Recent polls also show Trump, the former “Apprentice” host, as having a lead in most national polls. 

According to the third definition from Urban Dictionary (basically an eternal fountain of knowledge), a chump is “A sucka that tries to act cool, but is really a fool, and tries to act tough, but really isn’t.” Based on his recent decision to back out of the final Republican debate in Iowa, I would argue that Donald Trump is indeed a chump.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past six months, then you’ve heard about Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman and investor of “The Apprentice” fame, and his bid for arguably the most powerful position in the world: President of the United States. As was expected, the amount of criticism he received was matched only by the amount of misjudged confidence that Trump has in himself. Surprisingly though, many people resonate with the message of Trump. In fact, Trump has been almost exclusively leading the Republican polls since his announcement for the presidential bid in June of 2015.

Why is Trump a chump you might ask? Simple. He “tries to act tough, but really isn’t” as the street definition goes. 

It’s difficult to read the news for very long and not find some brash claim made by this egotistical chump. He believes himself to be the Messiah, the only hope that we have to “make America great again.”

Though he talks a big talk, make no mistake. He’s a chump. He didn’t like the supposedly unfair treatment he received from debate moderator Megyn Kelly on previous occasions, so he gave Fox News an ultimatum: drop her from the upcoming debate, or he wouldn’t participate. Fox News didn’t budge, and Trump walked away.

Trump the chump is all talk. How can America expect you to deal with much more complex and difficult situations as a world leader if you throw a fit over such a small issue? It’s time to get a thicker skin.

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