Sketch artists focuses on MOSO butts

Naiima Lovechild, a member of Krandel Lee Newton’s The Original Butt Sketch’s team of sketch artists, draws the backside of a young couple.

Many people can say they have had a caricature made of them, but who can say they have had their butt sketched? Wednesday, Feb. 11, the Missouri Southern Campus Activities Board (CAB) will present Krandel Lee Newton, the artist who developed the Original Butt Sketch.

Newton’s Original Butt Sketch became popular in 1987, according to He began to travel the world, calling it the “Butt Sketch World Tour.” He has sketched over 250,000 backsides during his career, and has traveled across the US, Canada and Europe.

“It’s something to do,” said Landon Adams, director of student activities. “You go to class and see this going on and stop for a few minutes, and all of a sudden you have a picture of your backside. How many chances do you get to do that in life?”

Newton has drawn the backsides of many famous actors, sports stars and other celebrities such as John Goodman, Bill Gates and Troy Aikman. He has also been featured in The Washington Post, Maxim, Parade, and other magazines, and has been seen on Headline News, America’s Funniest People, and many others.  

 “I will probably have my butt sketched,” said Adams. “I have to see. I don’t get many chances to look at my own backside so I guess it would be nice to have one sitting in my office. Maybe it’ll be my Valentine’s Day gift for my wife.”

If you do not want to have your backside drawn, it will still be a fun event to participate in and watch. The butt sketch will take place in Billingsly Student Center from 9:30 a.m.-1:30p.m.


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