Theatre department holds auditions for One-Act plays

The students in Directing II course in the theatre department are preparing to hold auditions for their One-Act plays.

Auditions will be held tomorrow in the Bud Walton Black Box from 12-1 p.m.

The students are directing After the Flags and Bands, Cocaine, Yesterday, and The New Play.

Taught by theatre department chairman Erick Wolfe, this course is designed for students to apply their directing skills, said Michael Rivera, junior theatre major.

In Directing I, Rivera says the students learn a myriad of skills, such as how to set dates, working with a budget, directing styles, and how to assemble their prompt book, which contains their script, calendar, cast and set.

In Directing II, they will learn how to implement these and they will gain experience directing the plays.

The students were able to choose the plays they would be directing.

Elizabeth Pomatto, sophomore theatre major, is directing Yesterday and Dalton Cobb has The New Play.

Hulon Smith, senior theatre major, said he chose Cocaine, which is about a couple who are at odds with each other, coping with cocaine addiction, and facing eviction.

He originally chose a different play, but chose to direct Cocaine last-minute. After reading the script, he found the opposing viewpoints interesting, and seeing where each of the characters are coming from.

In auditions, Smith said he will be looking for someone who “can manage to build up and keep up that form of energy, like in an argument.”

Rivera chose After the Flags and Bands, which is about four women at home during World War I, and how they cope and change over the four years.

He chose it because he likes dramas with history, the point at the end, and the theological questions within.

“When I [came] across this play, I read its synopsis...I got sucked into it. I really liked it, and instantly, I was like ‘I can do this; I can picture what it would look like and how I would stage it.’”

Rivera said he is searching for character and emotion.

“I want to see levels within people, and especially that they can breathe for a bit. If they haven’t already read [the script], and pick up quickly,” said Rivera.

He is also looking for actors that can analyze and adapt to the characters’ personas.

Elizabeth Pomatto, sophomore theatre major, is directing Yesterday and Dalton Cobb has The New Play.

These One-Act plays will be performed at the One-Act Festival, which is set to take place May 1-2 in the Bud Walton Black Box Theatre. Further information is yet to be determined. 

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